what to do in internet


what to do in internet
There are lots of things to do on internet.At least I use it in various ways.Not only chatting with friends or spending time on social networking sites but also there are lots of use of internet.People nowadays make money from it through selling their work.Here is a list of the use of internet we can do everyday:

1.Blogging:There are lots of blogging sites like wordpress .One can easily make a blog of him/her and take it to a level where people will follow them and be inspired to do such thing themselves.I made my own blog and now I am running it alone by myself.

2.Make websites:Nowadays making a website is that easy.There are so many web 2.0 sites by which one can easily make a website of his interest.It can be a food website,fashion website or anything else.It totally depends on one’s choice.But it is a great thing to invest your time.

3.Freelancing:Freelancing is a vast area of online career.One can sell their talent or work here.There are many options of freelancing.If someone doesn’t know any work of it then he or she can easily learn it through tutorials on youtube or other sites and get started with a new and cool career option.I choosed SEO as my niche field and I am really enjoying it now.

I will post some other options later.

How I spend my time


Internet is my life. Nowadays i can’t think my life without this. I don’t visit relatives. Meet with friends or hang out outside much time because I can’t use internet there. Now question appears that what do i do in internet? there are lots of things to like blogging ,tweeting ,watching videos ,musics ,tutorials at youtube and so on.I spend my whole day here on internet doing this stuffs and then I think it’s been long enough time ,I should take a break now and then I turn off the computer and just remember that i forgot to do something important. T hen i reopen it and again get busy with my work and reading stuffs .This is how i am spending my summer vacations.

Blogging Versus Keeping a Personal Diary


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I have tried to keep a diary for a few years now, but I’ve never got far, until I started blogging. Handwritten diaries are tedious, computer diaries are distracting, both feel like monologues. For me, they become boring after a while, and must be abandoned. With my blog, however, the more I post, the more I want to post.

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Break the limits


Have you ever thought of a world where will be no limits,no rules;where you can do whatever you wish,live with no boundaries that apart you from your happiness.I thought of this and found that I really have no limits.I have some physical limits as a girl but I am open to any kind of situation of my life as I don’t consider any limits.I have the courage to go beyond my limits,I like to outrun them.I can read as much I wish,do whatever I think is good for me,I can surprise people and shock them too.I don’t put myself in a room.I want to see the whole world around me,I can feel it.It’s called independence.